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Edgar Medina
Edgar is the Chief Marketing Officer of Workep. He has 7 years of experience writing in english and spanish about technology.

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If you love G-Suite, Workep is the best platform for you

[fa icon="calendar'] May 22/2018 / by Edgar Medina posted in workep

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  • Workep completely centralizes and automates G- Suite
  • You can create G Docs
  • You can sync Calendar events
  • You can manage your project documents with Google Drive
  • It has the fastest learning curve of all the PM tools
  • You can create automatic reports
  • Your data in the safest and best tool for storage and backups: G-Cloud

The history of Workep is a history of perseverance. A history of a team that had a dream, the dream of changing the world from Colombia.

Workep started in Medellin, a well-known innovation hub of South America, in 2015.

After 3 years of hard work, it became one of the most used platforms made with G-Suite in mind. More than 10.000 companies (including names as Nielsen and Vodafone) and 40.000 users trust us.

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10 things that will make you fall in love with Workep

[fa icon="calendar'] May 14/2018 / by Edgar Medina posted in workep

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What better option to show the best features of Workep than showing you our best features using animated gifs! You will fall in love of Workep if you haven't already.

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5 reasons to choose Workep (and no other PM softwares!)

[fa icon="calendar'] May 8/2018 / by Edgar Medina posted in workep

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  • Seamless G-Suite integration
  • Friendly user experience
  • It’s focused on task management and not complex project management
  • It has a free plan
  • The premium plans are super affordable 
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What is Workep (and why is it your best option)?

[fa icon="calendar'] May 4/2018 / by Edgar Medina posted in workep

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  • Work easily with complex projects and long-term processes with the Gantt chart
  • Centralize your projects’ knowledge with the social features
  • Take advantage of all the power of G-Suite to reach your goals
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5 lessons from Stephen Hawking that will help your business

[fa icon="calendar'] March 14/2018 / by Edgar Medina posted in workep, g suite, productivity, work, project management, stephen hawking

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Stephen Hawking was a wise man. He had a unique point of view towards life. The point of view of someone who was once doomed and thrived in adversity. The point of view of an individual for whom the odds were against, but managed to overcome those odds anyways in spectacular fashion by becoming one of the most relevant physicist of modern history.

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Why using G-Suite & Workep will increase your productivity

[fa icon="calendar'] March 5/2018 / by Edgar Medina posted in workep, g suite, google, productivity, work, project management

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Have you ever tried G-Suite? Because if you haven't, you're missing an amazing group of tools that will improve your productivity at an affordable price. G-Suite has become one of the most feature-rich solutions out there and it's all cloud-based.

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How is blockchain going to change project management

[fa icon="calendar'] February 21/2018 / by Edgar Medina posted in workep, g suite, productivity, work, project management, bitcoin, cryptocurrencie, blockchain, ethereum

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If your industry deals with data or transactions of any kind, blockchain will probably disrupt it. If you've heard the term before, that's because it's the technology that underlies crypto-currencies like bitcoin or ethereum. But what does this term actually mean and how will it affect the future of project management? Let me break it down for you.

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5 pointers on how to embrace remote work in your business

[fa icon="calendar'] February 11/2018 / by Edgar Medina posted in workep, g suite, google, productivity, work, home office

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These days, many companies are choosing to trade off their corporate offices for a remote, work-from-home lifestyle. Start-ups particularly, have been using this method to their advantage because with it, they can hire talented team members from across the world. Expensive office space seems to be the main motivator for people who make the switch to remote teams, especially in hotspots like San Francisco and New York. Additionally, the presence of new technologies that facilitate seamless and constant communication have made the switch a lot easier to implement. 

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5 amazing apps made for Google that will help improve your productivity

[fa icon="calendar'] February 8/2018 / by Edgar Medina posted in Insider, workep, g suite, google, productivity

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G Suite is a vault full of treasures. Just by one simple click, you can access dozens of apps on the that will help you solve several problems. All of them take advantage of other Google Apps like: Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs and Google Slides. And most of them offer a free version, with understandable limitations, and a paid version with expanded features.

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