Step up your game: Integrating G-Suit and Project Management

[fa icon="calendar"] August 24/2018 / by Diego Avendaño

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Something about Project Management that attracts many people is that there is no right path to take, but it gives you options and allows you to  choose depending on your needs, objectives, goals and resources. Magic happens when these decisions are supported by a set of tools that help you build the future from a better state of mind.

Here you can find why G-Suite and Workep can help you reach success:


Wisdom is one click away! For a project to develop properly, knowing when, who, how, where, and what is happening is essential. Time is gold for those who take on the adventure of looking for success, so wasting it is not an option. Sometimes it can be exhausting to ask each person of your team what have they been up to. So, once you have a few minutes off, check your device and read the notifications Workep provides and you won’t miss a thing!

You’ll be up to date with projects you belong to, the creation of new tasks and files, meeting invitations and much more. You decide what to receive on settings, and if it is not your favourite way to see reports, you can allow pop-up notifications to let you know in real time what is going on with your team.


Sometimes the waves of life are very intense, and being able to rely on tools that can help you organize personally and professionally is a privilege. Google Calendar is perfect to help you clear your mind so you can face more complex issues in a better mental shape.
There is no path to follow, you make the path! A meeting can change the direction of your project, a call with a client can get you closer to your goals, so don’t get taken by surprise by these opportunities. Be smart, plan.

Even better, when you can sync your entire team’s calendar, trust and transparency will walk with you. Send or receive invites and with one click you can accept them and will be warned a few minutes before the meeting starts.  


Files Sharing

We want you to know we know you don’t know where your files are (messy, right?), is this how your organization looks like? Important information will stop getting lost because no one remembers where it was. Workep is fully integrated with Google Drive, and it doesn’t matter what type of file you need: Docs, Sheets or Slide we got you covered.

Sharing and creating files or presentations has never been easier and finding them even more. You can add to any task all sorts of files so dust off your old books and bring the keys for the locks on your library! Now everyone can use all your files and see the information you give them access to. No one needs to ask others where X file is, only type its name on the search bar and there you have it.




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If you’re not familiar with this wizarding tool, it basically allows users to make video conferences by just sharing a link. For remote teams is perfect, you send an invitation to everyone who needs to be involved in the meeting, they only need to accept and the calendar will be automatically updated. You will even be warned few minutes before it starts!

During the call you can choose whether to use your camera or not, chat, use emojis, share photos and files. Hangouts suits perfectly for your needs!


Direct access

As if it were not enough, G-suites bring many extra features that can boost your experience for any path you take, literally. You can get anywhere you want with Google Maps, step up your advertising game with Google Adwords, contact new horizons with Translator, use the good old Google Search for when you don’t know what to do anymore, create surveys with Google Forms, bring the spotlight to your business with Google+, and when you’re bored find cute animals on Youtube or maybe tutorials!


G-suite plus mixed with a speck of project management gives birth to a POWERFUL experience that’ll empower everyone on you team to reach success!

Topics: Project management, How to better use Workep

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